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Why hard tail suv is the best choice for novice?

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    1. The use value and use scope, lightweight suv is not only a sports equipment, equipment or a good transport and travel. Change into slicks and hard fork suv can reach very high speed. Full suspension vehicle due to its vast size,carbon road bike the larger weig,ht and riding xie force of faults, make its limits is very big, not suitable for general riding. 


    2. From the aspects of maintenance, a full suspension car needs more professional maintenance, and the current domestic bike also is not perfect, not only the bad parts for repair, is also a lack of related technical support. Can provide warranty and the warranty of the car is very few. 


    3. It would be the same in the preparation of the other full suspension of the price will be more expensive. Beginners have a larger one-time investment will be. The choice of the novice often with blindness, once found this way of cycling is not suitable for yourself, would be disastrous. 

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