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What is the bicycle frame

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    The bicycle kingdom, mountain bike has an irreplaceable position. Its type, figure of the many, it is incomparable by other cars. But also because of this, many beginning cyclist didn't buy the most suitable for their own mountain bike. Around us can often see such lovers, they see FR or DH car looks very COOL, and ran to buy FR and DH, completely without considering their only road cycling, result because FR and DH that excessive weight and squealed; Or see the shapes of disc brake is very COOL, it's very expensive, and relative to other brake will make the disc brake must be very good, the disc brake do not buy. The end result is the blind consumption waste a lot of money and energy.

    Movement of bicycle spare parts in the use of design and has very strong pertinence, on collocation principle and details involved can become a knowledge completely. But there is a constant principles: suit yourself. If not suitable for yourself, then no matter how high the parts, can play the role of its original.

    So how to choose suits own spare parts, then assemble for your car? First of all, let us from the soul - frame of the car.

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