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Quality Examination

      The company has purchased a set of latest quality examination equipment, and all the products are being

manufactured and examined by strictly following the Examination Standard newly issued by the European Union. 

What is our frame test item:

1.H/T Stiffness

<Testing Speed: 50mm/min>

90N-m/deg above

2.BB Stiffness

<Testing Speed: 50mm/min>

170N/mm above

3.Rear Triangle Stiffness (single side)

<Testing Speed: 50mm/min>

18N/mm above

4.Rear Triangle Stiffness (both side)

<Testing Speed: 50mm/min>

38N/mm above

5.Frame / Fork assembly- impact test (falling mass

Racing 高度為212mm
MTB高 高度為360mm

No damage a/f testing

6.Fore shock

ROAD:ST:70KG,BB:0 kg,HT:0 kg

No damage a/f testing

7.LCF(Frame-fatique test with horizontal forces

<Pull:122.4kgf / Push: 61.2kgf>

ROAD:100000 no damage
MTB:500000 no damage

8.CSF(Frame-fatique tset with pulling forces)

<Both Side Loading: 122kgf>

100000 w/ no damage

9.CSF(Frame-fatique tset with pulling forces)


100000 w/ no damage

10.Frame Fatique test with Vertical forces

<Loading: 122kgf>

50000 w/ no damage

11.Vibration fatigue

ROAD:ST:70KG,BB:0 kg,HT:0 kg

30000 w/ no damage

12.Disc brake fatigue


30000 w/ no damage

13.H/T Strength

<Testing Speed: 25.4mm / min>

300kgf above

14.S/T Strength

<Testing Speed: 25.4mm/min>

350kgf above










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